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Your business has spent a great deal of money developing a website and placing your domain name on all of your marketing materials. But who’s watching that website? Customers see it every day, but do YOU?

Did you know that all Website Browsers are NOT created equal?

Technology changes everyday, and that includes Internet Browsers. Your website can appear different in each and every browser. As technology changes, this also causes fluctuations in your site. What looks good today may not even show up 6 months from now. Viewing a website in a tablet or mobile device is more critical now than in previous years.  This is where CMS can help with website management.

What is Website Management Services?

Through website management and maintenance, CMS will keep your website up and running every day, ensuring that you do not lose customers due to an out-dated website. We will run our software through your site to verify that it is loading promptly and correctly, taking action to correct any issues that might prevent it from displaying properly.   We will also keep up with timely backups of your website, check for potential security risks and test for performance and speed.

Interested in Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Although a lengthy procedure, we can simplify it for you. Ask us today how we can help you get started in promoting your website through search engine optimization.

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