As the power of streaming media over the internet matures and becomes more mainstream, businesses are now able to leverage this technology with business voice services saving them money and increasing productivity as well as business efficiencies.

CMS IP Technologies offers business Voice Telecom services that enable business to take advantage of the massive amounts of bandwidth available to them.

VoiceWatch UC is a unique solution that lowers up front capital and removes the worry and overhead of a premise-based Voice solution.

VoiceWatch UC delivers high quality Phone, Voice and PBX type services over the internet utilizing our proprietary technology and pricing methods – you pay one monthly fee with minimal upfront costs!

VoiceWatch UC offers all of the features and benefits of a high-end PBX with additional built-in advantages of cloud-based technology.

Regardless if your needs are simple or complex, VoiceWatch UC is an ideal solution that provides flexibility for growth and built in support powered by CMS IP Technologies!

Some of the features and benefits of VoiceWatch UC :

  • Cloud based PBX
  • Voicemail
  • Auto Attendant
  • Holiday and Business Hours
  • Disaster call routing advantages
  • Flexible Plans
  • Ring Groups
  • Music on Hold
  • DID Number

and much more!

The Polycom WX 411 phones support Gigabit technology, color displays, feature buttons and much more!

What is VoIP?

VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, or in other words, phone service over the Internet.

A VoIP telephone solution transforms your telephone system into a Desktop Productivity Device, improving your communications and bringing your customers closer….

The benefits of VoIP Telephones are loud and clear

  • Speed dial with the click of a mouseStreamline business operations such as call centers and multi-location offices. VoIP connects automatically with your contacts, including your Microsoft Outlook contacts list, saving you time and making it easier than ever to manage your calls.
  • Find your most important messages, instantly…visuallyVoIP allows you to view, prioritize and even email your voice and fax messages. You’ll spend less time retrieving and wading through messages, and more time acting on them, improving communications within your company and with your customers.
  • Minimize the complexity with your company’s technology and lower your network administration costs.Never miss a critical call again.  With VoIP you assign just one phone number per employee and incoming calls will find them, wherever and whenever they want to be found. Results include better access for customers, reduced phone tag, and cost reduction.
  • Receive and forward faxes just like emailVoIP phone systems prevent scrambling for lost faxes or re-faxing a fax. You can redirect received faxes to any fax machine, send them as email, or save them to your hard drive.
  • Face to face communication with video callingSometimes you just need to look someone in the eye. A VoIP Solution can allow you to turn a simple phone call into a video call allowing you to communicate face to face. A conversation is easier to understand when you can see gestures and expressions – improving your overall communications.

Key Elements in VoIP:

  • A sound, stable network infrastructure with quality equipment.
  • A stable, mature VoIP telephony system such as Cisco or NEC.
  • A stable broadband service such as an AT&T T-1.
  • A thoroughly prepared plan by qualified, experienced engineers to design and implement.

Interested in something different than a VoIP Telephone System?

Check out our small business phone systems or other items from Cisco or NEC.