Third-Party Patch Management

Third-Party Patch Management

Network security includes diligently working to apply regular patches to all of the software that is used in your IT environment.  When you look at all the workstations and servers on your network that require patches, it can quickly become overwhelming, but CMS can keep your network updated and secure.

Prevent Threats & Stay Up-to-Date

CMS provides sreamline patch management with granular control over patching policies.  This provides protection over your network by preventing out-dated software from causing slow performance or from becoming a serious security risk.

Service After the Sale

Patch management can be automated or customized to suit your individual needs.  Scheduling allows for software updates to be done during a low-traffic time or outside of business hours and includes patch roll-backs for compatibility issues that may arise.

With patch management, patches are provided for most commonly used software including, but not limited to, Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, SQL Server, Internet Explorer, Windows OS, Java, Adobe, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple iTunes, Apple QuickTime.



3rd Party patch updates