CMS/Summit Training is a full service training organization dedicated to improving their clients´ productivity through a range of services. Our philosophy is to form a partnership with our clients that allow us to provide effective, custom solutions to their technology training problems. Our technical instructors bring real world experience into the classroom. This experience benefits not only those students seeking professional certifications but also those who need to manage their office network and applications. We feel good knowing that when our students leave class, they have discussed more than just what´s in the book; they leave with the practical information that will help them in their day-to-day tasks.

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Results Oriented Training

Our hands-on approach significantly increases your success with the software.

Satisfaction Guarantee

CMS IP Technologies wants you to be completely satisfied with your training. If you feel you did not benefit from the training received from any class, you are able to retake the class at no charge.

Professional, highly skilled instructors

Each member of the CMS Training Team participates in our on-going “Train the Trainer” courses

Customized Training Programs

Training programs can be designed to address specific needs of your company´s environment.

Is this your situation…

  • You are a small business owner or the only person in your office that uses a particular software program
  • You have spent months struggling with a particular piece of software trying to make it work.
  • Sometimes you get it done but you know you´re using long, clumsy methods.
  • Sometimes you just give up in frustration.
  • You have questions but you don´t have anybody to ask.

Would you benefit if you…

  • Could work through your software issues with someone who really knew what they were talking about.
  • Worked on your data in the comfort and convenience of your own workplace.
  • Solved the software problem that has been troubling you for months.

The bottom line…For less than it costs you to call out a plumber or electrician, or get your car fixed by a qualified mechanic, you can put an end to your computer software headaches.

The solution…

Summit Training
Desk Side Support

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