Everywhere you turn online, you see them…the small icons telling you to “share” or “like us” or “tweet me”.  Why have we felt the need to share everything we read or see online?  Maybe it’s the connection between us and other humans we would otherwise never see.  Maybe, we have found a way to add legitimacy to what we do.

Social Sharing…So you are looking at doing business with Company A.  They’ve been in business for a couple of years and they have really funny commercials, but what do you really know about them?

You go online and checkout Facebook.  Past the pictures of Susie’s new baby, you see that your friend Joe likes a Facebook page for Company A and that’s who just remodeled Joe’s kitchen.  Well…if Joe liked the work they did, they must be pretty good.  Now Company A seems a little more legitimate.

Everyone likes Tips & Tools!

Company B specializes in technology.  But you have to wonder if they really know their product.  While online on Twitter one day, you see a tweet about a new computer virus and how to get rid of it.  You realize the tweet is from Company B and the tweet links to their blog.  You go to the article and find that the article is very informative, even going as far to give you a list of symptoms to look for.  Now Company B just became a useful resource.  Not only do you follow them for technology tips and news, but when you need service, they are going to be the first people you think of.

So What are the Draw-backs?

Well, just as someone can post about all your glorious moments, they can also share any events deemed “not so glorious”.  It can also take time to keep your business’ social media up & going, posting and monitoring comments.  Companies like CMS IP Technologies offer website services that includes SEO & Social Marketing assistance as part of website management.  It can be a large workload, but the benefits can outweigh the work if done properly.