As network threats continue to change and government regulation are enforced, security to your network is more important than ever.  One option for security is installing a keyless, secured entry to your network.  Access control prevents unwanted persons from accessing your network area without authorization.

Why choose a “Pure IP” Network Security System?

ISONAS helps by reducing equipment, complexity and installation time.  Plus, there’s no software licensing fee to keep up with.  Pure IP uses your existing network connection, eliminates complicated wiring, cumbersome control panels at every door and costly installation and maintenance.

Where Would I Use Access Control?

Business Network – Imagine having a keyless entry to your server or data room. Top personnel can control who enters and have access to entry logs recording those who do enter.

Factories – To help meet OSHA requirements in a factory setting, ISONAS can provide a solution that enables forklift operators access to heavy equipment.

Schools – What if a solution allowed school administrators to protect students, staff, and physical assets across multiple schools in a district? An integrated system could give administrators the ability to monitor and respond to security events as they happen. Local police or fire personnel could also remotely connect to the system via a web browser during an emergency while simultaneously notifying appropriate personnel within the district.

Medical Facility/Nurse’s Station – Theft of drugs can be a concern.  ISONAS reader-controllers offers a safe and simple access control solution to help track medications. Various levels of access rules can easily be set, from a nurse required to have a credential and pin code, to credentials for two separate people when extra security is desired.

The possibilities are endless.

If you’re ready to discuss options for secured access control, contact the staff at CMS IP Technologies.