Spend less time on tedious management tasks and more time on strategic IT projects.

Time is money, and for most businesses a loss of either is something they simply cannot afford. Millions of dollars in revenue are lost each year due to lack of network and IT support. Let us eliminate these problems with our comprehensive managed IT support program.

Managed IT Services vs Billed

Our NetWatch Support Service can manage your network with:

  • Scheduled maintenance with software and patch updates.
  • Proactive network and security monitoring and alerting.
  • Remote support for rapid problem solving.
  • Support for regulatory software compliance.

Key Benefits of Network Management:

  • Significant decrease in downtime
  • Improved network and hardware performance
  • Fewer ‘growing pains’ via network capacity management
  • Lower costs and increased efficiency via resource reallocation
  • Protection against¬†network¬†security breaches
  • Visits from CMS are more productive and less intrusive
  • Increased employee productivity by automating routine administrative functions

Services Included for NetWatch Support are:

  • Remote Monitoring Services
    • Daily Availability Monitoring & Alerting
    • Error & Event Log Monitoring
    • Drive Space Monitoring
    • Asset Inventory
  • Network Security Services
    • Daily Desktop/Server Monitoring & Alerting
    • Microsoft Patch Management
    • Managed Antivirus and Anti-spyware
    • Data Backup Monitoring & Administration
    • Network Firewall Monitoring
  • Maintenance Services
    • Remote Server Administration
    • User Account Administration
    • Printer Management
  • Support Services
    • Phone & Email Support
    • Remote Help Desk Support specifically for NetWatch
  • Advanced Support Services
    • Monthly Network Summary Reports
    • Quarterly Executive Report & Review
    • Annual Technology Plans
    • 3rd Party Vendor Management
    • Firewall/VPN/Router Management
    • Asset Management
    • Disaster Recovery Planning
    • Assigned CTO
    • Scheduled CTO Calls