Managed Network Services

What are Managed Network Services?

These are services that CMS has developed over time to provide the best network support to our customers with the least amount of downtime.

You have invested in your IT infrastructure and rely on its performance, security and reliability. CMS IP Technologies will proactively manage risk and ensure the optimum performance of your network,using the most advanced performance monitoring and asset tracking tools.

At CMS we have invested in the technology and training needed to deliver superior value to our customers. We offer proactive, remote network monitoring coupled with comprehensive reporting, which gives us and you a better view on your network, and helps you plan strategically to keep your resources and your budget on track.

Our comprehensive network audits often highlight ways for our customers to lower their IT costs through reducing costly downtime, improving performance levels, and eliminating lost productivity due to incompatible or out-of-date software.

Ask us today about NetWatch, DataWatch, MailWatch, WebWatch and Exchange Hosting.


5 Benefits of Managed Services

Why Should You Use Managed Services?

  1. Security and Compliance - Companies that use managed services stay more compliant and are better secured from the. threats that attack out of date software and non-compliant devices.
  2. Trained and Experienced Staff - Know that the IT provider you choose has both the experience and the training to handle your network. 
  3. Controlled Costs - Businesses will only pay for what they need. You save not only the cost of extra staff, but also the cost of constant training that an IT staff would need to stay current.
  4. Increased Efficiency - Instead of hiring one in-house IT staff member, you have the entire resources of your IT provider, their staff and their vendor support.
  5. Quicker Access to Newer Technologies - A quality outsourced IT provider will have the resources to start new projects at your convenience.