Dental IT Solutions

IT Support for Dental Practices

Is there an easy to use, user-friendly dental software? If you are a dentist and have a favorite, let us know, and we will add it to our rather short list. When choosing a dental software, keep in mind that many software companies lack on the support side of their business: it is cliché, but good support is so hard to find — cue CMS’s dental software support for your small business.

We Specialize in Dental Software Support

Here at CMS, we recognize that dental industries require specialized care of their technology, network, and data – all dental offices need excellent dental software support. CMS is not just another IT company; we specialize in complete dental computer support and dental office automation. From accessories to x-rays, and computers to telecom, CMS has the expertise to service everything in your office. It’s our mission to prevent your dental software downtime, keeping your business running smoothly.

Patterson Eaglesoft® Support

While Patterson has some of the most widely used dental computer support software programs for x-ray imaging and medical record management on the market, their support isn’t the best. Over 95% of the offices we service utilize Eaglesoft, so we know all about its constant problems. We not only offer dental software support solutions, but CMS was also on the forefront of the newest releases of Eaglesoft 8.10-20 reporting issues to Patterson in a heartfelt attempt to better help the end user experience of our clients.