Connect Secure works with sensors featuring two-way wireless technology, enhancing the effectiveness of your security system and providing you with complete, whole-business protection. Stylish and unassuming, they preserve the look of your business while protecting it.

  • Door/Window Sensor

Low-profile devices provide superior protection for doors and windows.

  • Glassbreak Detector

Listens for the sounds of breaking glass, which provides a first line of defense for intruders.

  • Motion Detector

Can detect an intruder’s movement in hard to monitor areas with just contact solutions.

  • Smart Scenes

Set your lights and thermostat to ensure you’re coming home to a comfortable, well-lit home.

  • Siren

Alerts you to alarm conditions with a loud siren and a bright, flashing colored strobe light.

  • Two-Way Wireless Key

Provides easy, fingertip control of security, lights and other devices.

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