Camera System Uptime Monitor & Support

Securing your property both internally & externally is a critical part of business and network-based camera systems have become a common staple within the business environment. 

So What Does CamWatch Managed Services Provide?

  • Pro-active Keep-alive monitoring of cameras – we do not monitor video feeds nor do we have
    the ability to SEE the video feed
  • Semi-Annual PM
    • Clean lenses of all cameras accessible by ladder
    • Re-aim and re-focus all cameras accessible by ladder
    • Adjust and tighten all camera mounts accessible by ladder
  • All necessary programming to bring system back to full functionality after a failure
  • All labor required to deliver, facilitate, and administer camera replacements
  • Functionally equivalent camera replacement in the event of failure
  • Implementation of bug fixes and patches to cameras
  • Maintaining backup of camera configurations

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ThreatWatch Managed Services

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